Dirt Devil M08220 Review


The Dirt Devil M08220 Scorpion Quick Flip is one perfect vacuum if you need a smaller one for the car or for other small spaces. Works with a powerful 7 amp motor and is a quick flip bagless handheld vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool.

Almost all users who tried Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners are pleased with the quality of the units. It is fairly priced and you are assured that you are getting high quality product with a powerful suction and easability that will help you clean areas with ease.


The Dirt Devil M08220 Scorpion Quick Flip Corded Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a convenient and portable handheld vacuum cleaner with powerful 7 amp motor so it is able to pick up spills and little messes with ease. The 7 amp motor of this model suctions everything from soccer-cleat dirt to cookie crumbs. This is an extremely powerful vacuum cleaner, especially for its size. Given this size plus the various attachments it has, all discussed below, will allow you to clean even the smallest spaces.

This unit maybe small but its suction power is incredible. Much more if you flip on the attached green tip. The motor is very powerful and it does not run on battery charges, just good old straight from the wall electricity.


Thoughtfully designed and intelligently engineered, the Dirt Devil M08220 is constructed using durable black plastic so you are assured that it will survive wear and tear as well as bumps encountered during cleaning.

This small vessel features a 16-foot chord, quite short but for a small handheld vacuum cleaner such as the Dirt Devil M08220 that is meant for small spaces like cars, then this will suffice. The cord is not retractable so there might be some issues during storage but this sure adds a long reach to the unit. The unit also comes with an optional hose with an upholstery brush attachment, and a shoulder strap for easy transport. The unit just weighs less than 4 pounds but it is still heavy if used too long, so this is where the shoulder strap helps. Oftentimes, the vacuum can be very warm so use it with care and if you are not comfortable in using the shoulder strap, then you can attach the hose and put the vacuum on the floor. But be careful as it may tilt on its side. Do not ever turn the vacuum on when it is on its side as it may cause damage to the unit.

The Dirt Devil M08220 distinguishes itself from other Scorpion units as this particular model offers a convenient flip-down crevice tool that enables immediate cleaning access to hard to reach places therefore cleaning these areas will be easy if this unit, including the attachments are utilized.

This vacuum cleaner requires no bags so there is no operating expenses as you clean. It comes with a dirt cup though that you have to clean when it gets full for the vacuum to properly clean. The dirt cup and filter remove easily and can be reattached with very little effort. This is very convenient especially to those who wants to save money from buying expensive dirt bags. The filter found inside the vacuum is flimsy and clothy that cleaning it can be such a mess. This is not recommended for a household with asthmatic members as there is a huge possibility that they could inhale the accumulated dust.


The Dirt Devil M08220 comes in a handy therefore transportability and storage is never an issue. It is very powerful and does above standard quality work when you consider its power and size. This power is improved if you flip on the attached green tip.


Every vacuum cleaner model has its own disadvantages and the Dirt Devil M08220 is not excused. For one, its very noisy. It elicits much louder noise when you flip the green tip on. Second, the cleaning can be such a mess because the filters within the vacuum cleaner is clothy and flimsy.

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The good points
– Incredible suction power
– Durable plastic construction
– Easy to handle and transport

The bad points
– It is very loud
– Flimsy and clothy filters

The Dirt Devil M08220 vacuum cleaner is a handheld one that you can use for small spaces. It is very powerful, no doubt about it but if you are expecting to clean larger areas, it is recommended that you prefer bigger canister or upright vacuums.

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