Eureka Whirlwind Vacuum


When you are looking at buying a new vacuum cleaner it is easy to be confused by the variety of models and the number of online reviews which are easily found these days on the internet.

 To help simplify things a little I am going to concentrate on one of the most popular ranges. Eureka vacuums are quite possibly the most popular cleaners on the market and the Eureka Whirlwind vacuum line offers a selection of different models with some unique features on each one.


The Whirlwind 6510A canister vacuums are big machines which probably will suit you if you have a big house or lots of kids and pets causing mess around the place. Features such as a Suction Control Switch, Special Floor Brush, Power Paw™ and Riser Visor™ ensure a fully customizable clean which can be adapted to your house and the type of performance which you need to keep it spotlessly clean. This model is a bagless cleaner, so you can forget about those regular bag changes and purchases. Its big dust collection area ensures that you don’t have to waste time emptying it after a couple of rooms. The inclusion of the wonderful HEPA filtration system signifies that your house will be exceptionally dust free after cleaning, great news for allergy sufferers.

A different option for different households is the Eureka 410BT Whirlwind upright vacuum. This is a smaller, lighter machine and at just 10 pounds it is in fact the lightest bagless cleaner available. The good performance and transparent area where the collected dust is stored mean that this might be lightweight but it is still a powerful cleaner with some nifty features. A warning light also tells you when the dirt collection area limit has been reached. The 410BT even has two motors, one is for the suction control and the other provides the force which drives the brush bar, giving you the ability to control the cleaning performance that it gives you. This is a great choice if you don’t want the hassle of changing bags or you prefer not to push a heavy machine around. The filter is washable too, so that’s even less replacement parts to worry about. People with arthritis or mobility problems should definitely consider this cleaner. If you buy the Eureka Whirlwind 410BT model then you will discover that it comes in two parts and that you simply have to click the two together, the easiness of assembly adds to its value as an option for people who want a vacuum which doesn’t take up too much of their time.


The Eureka Ultra Whirlwind is a model which is widely chosen for its versatility. It also includes the HEPA filter, is bagless and comes with a range of accessories. This is a nice choice if you have different types of flooring in your home as the brush roller is easily activated, making the transition from rug to wooden floor very simple.

There are many more models around apart from the Eureka Whirlwind vacuumselection. The Eureka Sanitaire range remains a classic choice while the Litespeed models give a fast, efficient and virtually noiseless performance. If you are still undecided after reading this article then have a look around some online reviews to help you reach a decision.

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