The Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors-Tips to Consider Before You Buy


Hardwood floors are not only beautiful but are also great for allergy sufferers or pet owners. Still keeping them clean is important and finding the best vacuum for hardwood floors is a great place to start.

If you have multiple flooring surfaces, finding a vacuum that will make the transition to each floor with ease would be the optimum choice. After all you really would not want to have to purchase a one for each type of flooring.

Tips to Consider Before You Buy


 You should also consider one that is powerful yet lightweight and easy to use on each surface. A canister vacuum is usually the best style of vacuum for to handle all types of flooring, especially one that comes with multiple attachments, making it easy to clean your stairs, drapes, or upholstery.

I love the way my hardwood floors look right after cleaning but to be totally honest I don’t want to have to make a trip to the chiropractor due the strain on my back from using the vacuum. So it is really important to me to find the best vacuum for hardwood floors that is ergonomically designed and easy to maneuver from carpet to laminate to hardwood flooring.

I have a large area that is covered in hardwood and do not intend on removing it anytime soon, so investing a vacuum that is a high quality and very durable makes the most sense to me.

I admit I have been guilty of cleaning my floors with a damp mop and actually getting on my hands and knees to get rid of the everyday dust. But I decided there were better things I could be doing with my time and there had to be a more efficient way of taking care of my hardwood that did not involve breaking my back.

So my search for the perfect vacuum began! If you are considering a multi- floor vacuum, you need to consider how much area you will be cleaning, if you want one with a bag-less HEPA filter system and also what price range fits your budget.


Invest in a Quality Vacuum for Hardwood Floors


Properly caring for your hardwood will increase its lifespan, and help protect your investment. There are several vacuums that are made to use on hardwood floors. Some are more expensive than others, and some clean only hardwood or solid surfaces while others are designed for all flooring surfaces including hardwood, laminate, carpet, tile and so on.

Finding one that offers powerful cleaning but won’t damage your hardwood floors might seem overwhelming at first but they do exist.

After much research I decided for me the canister vacuum for hardwood floors – best buy and reviews is the Dyson DC25.  It may seem a little on the expensive side but as I said, I plan on having my hardwood floors for a long time and having a vacuum that will last the lifetime of my floors is important to me.

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